The Maples Center for Forensic Medicine

The William R. Maples Center for Forensic Medicine is a joint initiative of the Colleges of Medicine, Veterinary Medicine, and Liberal Arts and Sciences at the University of Florida. The Maples Center offers graduate degrees and/or certificates in Forensic Medicine, Veterinary Forensic Sciences, Wildlife Forensic Sciences, and Shelter Medicine as well as continuing education credits via the Maples Center’s continuing education program.


Graduate Degree

Forensic Medicine

Investigate the possibilities with the world’s first 100% online master’s degree in forensic medicine.
Professionals beginning their careers and those already working in the field will benefit from the curriculum that blends medical knowledge and crime scene processing to investigate and solve crimes. Students will take classes in areas like forensic anthropology, artifacts of decomposition and trauma analysis to complete their master’s degree.

Graduate Degree & Certifcate

Veterinary Forensic Sciences

In partnership with the UF College of Veterinary Medicine, the UF Maples Center for Forensic Medicine is proud to offer an online master’s and certificate program in veterinary forensic sciences. The educational mission of the program is to foster the application of the forensic sciences to veterinary medicine through workshops, short courses, graduate research, case analysis, and distance education.


Wildlife Forensic Sciences

The University of Florida’s online graduate program in Wildlife Forensic Sciences and Conservation aims to help bridge the knowledge gap in wildlife forensic science. Being an adequately trained professional working in wildlife conservation, ecology, and animal protection will help combat the growing problems in wildlife crime. Through this program, students will learn how critical the conservation of the world’s wildlife is to our ecosystem and natural environment.


Shelter Medicine

The online Shelter Medicine program will allow you to learn how to recognize and manage infectious diseases in a shelter, collect forensic evidence in a current investigation, and prevent behavioral and welfare problems in large populations of animals. This program fills an existing curriculum gap in shelter medicine by providing quality online courses for veterinary professionals, animal welfare professionals, and students.

Forensic Services

The William R. Maples Center for Forensic Medicine at the University of Florida now offers forensic genetic analysis to federal, state, and local law enforcement and other entities involved with the investigations of wildlife, livestock, and companion animal crime.

Wildlife Forensic Sciences Laboratory

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) Division of Law Enforcement in partnership with the University of Florida Maples Center for Forensic Medicine hosts the FWC Wildlife Forensic Sciences Laboratory in Gainesville, Florida. The wildlife forensic sciences laboratory provides for species identification, identification of animal remains, trauma analysis, cause of death determinations, and postmortem interval estimations.

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