Continuing ED

The Maples Center provides academic courses at the Master of Science level in Forensic Medicine, Veterinary Forensic Sciences, and Wildlife Forensic Sciences , as well as Continuing Education courses both online and in-person. The Maples Center unifies the existing programs (anthropology, pathology, chemistry, nursing, and others), and creates a much requested degree tract. All educational programs, workshops, and international symposia sponsored by the Maples Center are of exceptional quality in order to attract the best scholars at every level to bring fresh and multi-faceted approaches and insight to the widest range of contemporary medico-legal issues. The Center has been tasked with the development of the Florida Emergency Mortuary Operations Response System (FEMORS) by the Florida Department of Health in conjunction with the State’s Division of Emergency Operations. The Center has developed a state-oriented plan including training for use in a mass fatality incident. For more information on FEMORS visit