Forensic Pathology Workshop

Presented in conjunction with the Southern Institute of Forensic Science, this workshop is designed for Medicolegal Death Investigators, Crime Scene Analysts, Law Enforcement personnel, and Interning and Resident Medical Examiners.  Presentations will include Blunt and Sharp Force Trauma; Gunshot Wounds; Forensic Toxicology in Death Investigations; Motor Vehicle Deaths; Child Abuse and Death in Children; Postmortem Changes and the Determination of Time of Death; Fire and Electrical Related Deaths; Sex and Asphyxial Deaths; Cardiac and Non Cardiac Unexplained deaths; Forensic Anthropology, Odontology, Entomology; and Investigation of the Death Scene. Case Presentations for each topic will be shown.

For more information,  download the course flyer.  To register, visit our registration page. If the course is not listed on the registration page, enrollment in the course is currently closed.