Animal Abuse Workshop: Identification and Documentation of Crimes Against Animals

April 25, 2020
UF Research and Academic Center at Lake Nona
6500 Sanger Road
Orlando, FL 32827

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Animal abuse is a major issue throughout the United States and veterinarians are often involved in the documentation and reporting of animal cruelty cases.  As more states have enacted mandatory reporting laws, it is important to for the veterinarian to be able to recognize and document suspected case of animal abuse.  The successful prosecution of these crimes depends, largely, on the documentation, collection, and analysis of the evidence.

The University of Florida will be hosting an 8-hour workshop on the identification and documentation of animal abuse cases.  This workshop will be open to veterinarians, veterinary technicians, and other individuals interested in advancing their knowledge of identifying and documenting cases of animal abuse.  Part of this course will be lecture format and topics will include an overview of crime scene investigation, review of forensic examinations of animals, and collection of evidence.  The remainder of the course will be hands-on.  Participants will conduct forensic examination on animal models including documentation of injuries and practice evidence collection.

Adam W. Stern, Associate Professor of Forensic Pathology
Rachel Barton, Animal Services Veterinarian
Manavi Muralidhar, Forensic Laboratory Technician

Date, Time, and Location:
April 25, 2020 ~ 8am to 5pm
UF Research and Academic Center at Lake Nona
6500 Sanger Rd
Orlando, FL 32827

For more information,  download the course flyer.  To register, visit our registration page.