Chapin Fund for Veterinary Forensic Sciences Established

Research and Education Fund Established for Veterinary Forensic Sciences

With financial support from the Chapin Fund, Nanny Wenzlow presents on her research into mRNA to estimate the postmortem interval in equines.

The Elizabeth R. Chapin fund was established to honor the memory of its namesake and to assist students of all ages in their pursuit of knowledge through the provision of research and travel support for students in the area of veterinary forensic sciences. Elizabeth R. Chapin was a homemaker, mother, and grandmother who loved learning and community service. She traveled with the Road Scholar senior groups as an avenue to further her education. She volunteered for the Talking Books organization and became fascinated with the braille labels on the tapes which led her to become a certified braillist. As a result of her educational endeavors and charitable efforts, she instilled in her children and grandchildren the urge to satisfy your curiosity and to never stop learning. This fund was established to pass forward the gift of lifelong learning and to encourage the pursuit of knowledge to those conducting research in the veterinary forensic sciences in an effort to end animal cruelty and neglect.  Those wishing to contribute to the Chapin Fund can do so here, or contact the University of Florida Foundation.