Animal Forensic DNA Testing

Genetic Analysis for Companion Animals and Wildlife

The William R. Maples Center for Forensic Medicine at the University of Florida’s College of Medicine offers genetic analysis to Federal, State, and Local law enforcement agencies, and private groups. With the growing need for forensic biology applied to cases of animal crime, the Maples Center for Forensic Medicine employs a DNA analyst specifically for animal casework in the area of forensic biology. The Maples Center for Forensic Medicine performs genetic analysis in many areas of animal crime, from animal fighting cases to wildlife poaching of animals such as deer, alligators, sea turtles, and black bear.

Other types of cases that are processed at the Maples Center for Forensic Medicine include animals injured or killed during domestic violence, home invasions, police shootings, hit by cars, and identifying dogs and other animals that have attacked humans or other animals. The Maples Center has identified skinned carcasses, animal predation, and physical items of evidence utilized in animal fighting operations.

Available testing includes:

  • DNA Fingerprinting (individual identity/matching evidence) of dogs, white tailed deer, alligators, and other species.
  • Species identification of most canid species: domestic dog, fox, coyote, wolf.
  • Services are available to the ASPCA, Federal, State, and Local agencies, and private agencies.

For more information contact:
Ginger Clark